What is a Lapid House?

Lapid Judaism as a movement, is defined as Yeshua-Centered Judaism.  It is a return, restoration and revival of the original faith of Moshiach and His Talmidim (deciples).  Lapid is a tradition with its roots in the Orthodox tradition and its soul linked to the Chassidic movement.  We are distinct from the so-called "messianic Judaism" in that we have a unique focus of being Torah-true and Messiah Yeshua centered.  For the Lapidnic, the Torah is not just relevant, it's authoritative.  The commandment is Divine and the fulfillment a great joy.  the Lapidnic observes the Torah in the same manner that our Master Yeshua did, Jewishly.  Our motivation is both to live aas He lived (be faithful Talmudic) and to connect ourselves to the Divine by observing the mitzvot (commandments).

A Lapid House is a branch of Sar Shalom Synagogue which is the flagship synagogue of the Lapid movement.  A Lapid house is a place where like minded believers gather together to worship and fellowship.    

Sar Shalom Tulsa Oklahoma

 Shimon and Hadassah Bauer have spent the majority of their lives dedicated to family and caring for others.  Together they have 7 children whom they have homeschooled. 

In 1995 Shimon completed his RN degree and was commissioned into the United States Air Force as a Lieutenant.  He served his country for 8 years during which time he earned his Master’s Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. 

Both Shimon and Hadassah have participated in roles of encouraging and teaching others.  Shimon served as Clubmaster and Scout Master to the local Boy Scout Troops.  Throughout their married life they have always been in leadership roles in their faith and have served in the ministry together.  Shimon has lead men’s study groups while Hadassah has taught women’s classes, homeschool co-op and cub scouts. 

In 2010, the decision was made to go deeper into their faith with the turning point of studying G-d's feasts and especially Pesach.  Around 2014 they discovered the teaching from a Rabbi in Saginaw Texas, Mordecai Griffin.  The teachings were spot on and filled the void in their life.  Once grounded in this Lapid Judaism they decided in 2018 to start a formal Lapid House in Sand Springs Oklahoma.  The goal was to bring Lapid Judaism to an area that was void of knowledge.  After formal conversion and the blessing of Rabbi Mordecai Griffin (the founder of Lapid Judaism and Rabbi of Sar Shalom Synagogue in Saginaw Texas) the concept grew into forming a Lapid Synagogue in Sand Springs.  This dream became a reality on August 24, 2019.  No turning back.  His motto, as taught to him by his Rabbi, "Never Quit!"  Baruch Haba BaShem Adonai!

Sar Shalom Tulsa is located at 1124 E Charles Page Blvd.  Sand Springs OK 74063



sar shalom kansas city missouri

Sir James and Jeanaya Towne live in Kansas City, Mo.  In 2014 HaShem began to reveal His Torah to them and they began to study and pursue it wholeheartedly, never looking back.  After lots of prayer and much confirmation from HaShem, they joined Sar Shalom Synagogue and Lapid Judaism in 2018.  SirJames is a mechanic and Jeanaya is a pastry chef.  Together they have 7 children and wehn they are not homeschooling or working, they love spending time gardening, having a cookout with friends, or enjoying the animals on their urban farm in the city.  You can contact this Lapid House at 816-301-7180

SAr Shalom ocala florida

Yovel Peters is a native of NC and a retired NY state educator.  She relocated to Ocala, FL in 2004.  She is one of hundreds of HCO's (Hard Core Onliners) who attend services and teachings online.  She completed conversion classes and was mikvahed into Lapid Judasim in 2017.  It brings her great joy to worship with other members of the online community in person as well as over the airways.

"Sar Shalom is more than a synagogue.  It is a way of life"  

SAR SHALOM (Lower hudson Valley ) New York

For more information about his Lapid house please contact

Keturah at 940-210-1962 or email keturah@mysarshalom.com