sar shalom offical halacha

The definition of Halacha is the practical and daily application of how to fulfill the commandments. The Hebrew word "Halacha" means "to walk". Therefore, Jewish Halacha is the way in which we walk out Torah.

At Sar Shalom not only do we proclaim Yeshua HaMoshiach (Yeshua is the Messiah) but we also believe that we must walk out the commandments specifically given to us by HaShem in a proper manner, not of our own understanding but that of the sages and counsel passed down to us over the centuries.  By doing this we intend to bring complete and lasting transformations by making true disciples, strengthening families, and building a strong community! In order for this to happen we at Sar Shalom must have a halacha in place so that each person that attends our synagogue, is considering converting, or is already a convert to Lapid understands how certain mitzvot are walked out within our specific community.   

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