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Rabbi mordecai  ARRON GRIFFIN

Rabbi Griffin is the founder and leader of Sar Shalom Synagogue. He is the direct descendant from his mother’s lineage, of the Cohen/Aucoin family that fled Portugal and settled in France before immigrating to Port Royal Canada in the 1700's. Rabbi's ancestors would eventually immigrate to Southern Louisiana becoming apart of the original Acadian community. Because of this rich Jewish heritage, he has spent the past 21 years carrying the torch that has been passed down to him through the centuries.

Rabbi Mordecai has is well versed in Jewish sources such as Talmud Bavli, Midrash Rabbah, the Zohar and other halachic resources. He is also a student of modern and ancient history which enables him to bring greater depth and understanding into the nature, meaning and insight of Messiah Yeshua’s teachings as found in the besorot (gospels). Rabbi is also the Jewish chaplain for the Tarrant County Sheriff's department. 

Rabbi Griffin's personal passion is to bring the light of Mashiach and the Holy Torah to “all” people. Restoring the original faith and practice of Messiah and the Apostles; a faith that was very Jewish! In 2014 he founded the organization “Lapid”. Lapid, Hebrew for “torch”, one of the names of Messiah, is fast becoming a household name, known as a movement of authentic Yeshua-centered Judaism that is blazing across the globe.


Rebbetzin Shoshana is a native Texan. She is the descendant of Austrian and German Jews who immigrated to Texas in the 1840’s. Her Great, Great Grandfather Captian Joseph Richarz became one of the first commanders of the Texas Rangers, postmaster and Judge in D’Hannis, Texas. His story is featured at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame. He also served as a Texas State Representative. For nearly three decades Rebbetzin Shoshana has lived out her faith in Yeshua as a Jewish woman. She has taken the torch of Messiah throughout Israel and parts of Spain, Ecuador, Jamaica and Haiti teaching people about the Living Torah Yeshua.

Rebbetzin has a passion for prayer, hospitality and acts of loving kindness. She enjoys teaching the principles of living as a Jewish woman and the spirituality of the mitzvot entrusted to the daughters of Zion.

  • rayford hopson


    In 2005, Rayford began learning about Torah and understanding the written Word from the Hebrew perspective. He has been a Zaken of the Sar Shalom Beit Din (Judge of the Court/Elder) since 2011. He enjoys not only studying Torah, but teaching it to individuals who recognize something is missing from their walk of faith. Many continue to ask, “What is Torah? Why is it important? Why should I…?” Helping individuals find scriptural answers to these questions is his greatest joy. Rayford also enjoys classical music, especially the Edwardian period, and classic movies from 1929 to 1956.

  • Yosef Alva


    Zaken Yosef has been attending Sar Shalom along with his wife, Gloria since 2013. Yosef was promoted to the position of Zaken in 2016. He and Gloria have been married for over 30 years and have raised two daughters, one of which regularly attends Sar Shalom with her family. In addition to serving as Zaken Yosef operates his own graphic printing company. 

  • keturah sistrunk

    executive administrative assistant

    Keturah has been sitting under the teaching of Rabbi Mordecai for 14 years. From the beginning she has served in many areas of ministry at Sar Shalom. For several years she has worked part time as the Executive Administrative Assistant to Rabbi Mordecai Griffin. Recently though, in the last few years she has begun working full time in that position. It brings her great joy to not only help serve the local members of Sar Shalom, but also the online community as well! Please see our CONTACT US page to get in touch with her or any of our ministry leaders!

  • hillel lugo

    chazzan & worship team leader

    Chazzan Hillel and his family have attended Sar Shalom since 2013. He and his wife, Emunah, and their children immediately immersed themselves in the walk of Yeshua-centered Judaism. In 2014 he became the Chazzan and also joined the Sar Shalom Worship Team. He was promoted to worship team leader in 2016. Hillel also teaches a Hebrew class for Sar Shalom members. He enjoys restoring guitars and also designing and creating handcrafted mezuzot. In his spare time he loves spending quality time with his wife Emunah and their children.