Welcome to Sar Shalom Synagogue - a home for Torah observant believers in Messiah who desire an authentic Jewish walk of faith!

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A congregation of faith, growth, accountability, and the full counsel of G-d.

Why visit Sar Shalom?

1Throughout America, the “seeker sensitive” church format plants many seeds, but does little to water and tend the ones that take root. “Okay I’m saved; I understand that. Now what do I do?” Surprisingly, the answers are right there in scripture – and if you’ve missed them, its probably because you’ve been told they are no longer true and applicable. How can we say this? Because we’ve been there, done that, and got the t-shirts. There comes a point when one’s soul desires a deeper walk that moves past spiritual milk and into real meat (kosher of course. :-) If you’re at that point, we invite you to join us this Shabbat.

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We teach Torah

2One of the most critical failures in modern Christianity is not delivering the full counsel of God. While the reasons for this are complex and disturbing (as we explain in our classes) Sar Shalom stands apart from all “churches” in that we boldly proclaim the entire Word of G-d in scripture without reservation or theological gymnastics – beginning with the eternal foundations of the TaNaK (Torah, Prophets, and Writings) and continuing through the Gospels, Epistles, and Revelation. If you’re thinking, “my church teaches the whole bible” we must respectfully disagree, and invite you learn why.

Learning Torah

We proclaim Messiah

3A Jewish synagogue that accepts Christ? Yes. But the “Jesus” found in most churches today is far removed from the true Messiah – and we are fully prepared to show you that truth in scripture and from historical accounts of both Judaism and Christianity. So, while we stand apart from the church in our love for Torah, and the teachings and traditions of Judaism, we are also unique among Jewish synagogues in that we hold firmly to the testimony of Yeshua HaMashiach (aka “Jesus”) who came first as Mashiach Ben Yoseph (the suffering servant) and will return again as Mashiach Ben David (the conquering king.) Come meet the king!

Meet Yeshua!

We are proudly Jewish

4For thousands of years, the traditional, observant Jewish lifestyle has proven to be stable, consistent, and incomparably effective for nurturing and protecting one’s faith in G-d. Contrast that with the constant theological and denominational flux within cultural Christianity, and you already having something worth strong consideration. But more importantly, an observant Jewish lifestyle is completely harmonious with faith in Messiah. In fact, the correct (Hebraic) understanding of scripture not only supports Messiah Yeshua, it opens up an entire universe of beauty, blessings, and provision that has been hidden from the followers of Christ for a very, very long time.

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